History of the Department of finance and Insurance

In 1965, the Department of Finance and Credit was separated from the Department of Economics, Trade and Finance as an independent department. N. S. Nazarova was the head of the Department of Trade and Finance. After the separation, the first head of the newly created department “Finance and Credit” was Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan, Doctor of Economics, Professor T.N. Nazarov.

In the period after the creation of a separate financial and economic faculty (1982-1995), the Department of Finance and Credit was divided into two independent departments in 1991: the Department of Finance and the Department of Money Circulation and Credit. Elected Head of the Department of Finance Associate Professor Khomidov Kh.K. and Head of the Department of Money Circulation and Credit Associate Professor Ashurov N.G. In connection with the transfer of associate professor Ashurov N. to another position, from 1995 to September of the same year, associate professor Sharipov Kh. After that, in October 1995, as a result of the reunification of the financial and economic and accounting and economic faculties, the above-mentioned departments were again merged and operated under the name of the department “Finance and Credit”.

In the first years of the creation of the department, the number of teachers was 4 people. Teachers Nazarov T.N., Yuldoshev Yu.N., Sobirov Yu.M., Khaybilov A.M. worked at the department. In 1967 Alimardonov U. and Ulugkhodzhaev H.R. started teaching as an assistant. 67 people studied at the Faculty of Economics, 7 people studied at the specialty “Finance and Credit”. For the first time, curricula and guidelines for the academic disciplines of the department were prepared and published, and they were taught. From the beginning of its creation, the department specialized only in finance and credit.

Now the faculty members are working in the department: Academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Doctor of Economics. Professor Ibrohimzoda I.R., Doctor of Economics Professor Ulugkhodzhayeva Kh.R., Ph.D. Associate Professor Khusainov M.N., Ph.D. associate professor Odinaev F.F., Ph.D., associate professor Ismatov A.Kh., Ph.D., associate professor Abdulloev A.Kh., Ph.D., associate professor Sharipov U.A., Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professor Ziev Z.M., Candidate of Economics, Associate Professor Boboev F.J., Ph.D. Associate Professor Gulakov U.M., PhD students Saadullozoda S.S., Saadullozoda N.S., senior lecturers Roziev D.A., Saidova M.J., and assistants Davlatov N.A., Safarova M.I. Sherifzoda N.G. and Saburzoda F.M.

The composition of the heads of the department.

From the beginning of the creation of the department until independence, cooperation was established with universities outside the republic at the level of the Soviet Union. Scientific and methodological cooperation under the leadership of T.N. Nazarov. between the department and the former Financial and Economic Institute named after N. A. Voznesensky in Leningrad, as well as, as necessary, the Financial Institute was established in Moscow. The teachers of the department defended their scientific dissertations in the academic councils of these institutions.

From 2004 to 2010, the head of the department was Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor Z.A. Rakhimov. From 2010 to 2011 this position was held by Professor Rakhmatov Kh.B. was in charge. In 2011, at the suggestion of the faculty management, the specialty of insurance was opened at the department to meet the needs of the labor market. specialty with specialists in the field of insurance services.

From 2011 to 2018, the head of the department was Associate Professor Davlatshoev O.Kh. From 2018 to 2020, Associate Professor Odinaev F.F. assumed the position of head of the department. From August 2020 to 2022, the position of the head of the Department of Finance and Insurance was held by Academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Doctor of Economics, Professor Ibrohimzoda I.R. From August 2022 to the present, the head of the Department of Finance and Insurance, occupies Associate Professor Khusainov M.N. At the moment, education and training of personnel in the specialty “Finance and Credit” and “Insurance” are organized in three languages: state, Russian and English.

Directions of scientific research

From the beginning of the creation of the department, the directions of its scientific and methodological research were aimed at the preparation of curricula, special courses and seminars, the development of educational programs in specialized subjects. A lot of work has been done here by scientists and teachers of the department. Over the years, scientists and teachers of the department have written several scientific and methodological works, monographs, teaching aids. In addition to monographs and textbooks, scientists of the department published scientific articles in domestic and foreign magazines and newspapers.

Currently, research work is underway on the topic “Issues of improving the financial regulation of the economy of the Republic of Tajikistan in modern conditions.” The faculty and scientists of the department have made their practical contribution to the development of various areas of the economy and social life of the country.

Learning activities

On the basis of the department, specialists are trained in the following specialties:

Finance and credit: full-time department – 4 years, part-time – 4 years, 2 higher education – 3 years, master’s degree – 2 years, doctoral studies – 3 years, PhD doctoral student – 3 years, applicant – 4 years. Insurance specialty – 4 years of full-time education.

Undergraduate (full-time and part-time)

General professional disciplines:

1. Higher mathematics

2. Economic theory

3. World economy

4. Accounting

5. Banking

6. Management and marketing

7. Economic analysis

8. Taxes and taxation

9. Econometrics

10. Statistics

Profile disciplines:

1. Finance

2. Securities market

3. Insurance

4. State financial regulation

5. Finances of foreign countries

6. Budget and treasury system

7. Department of Public Finance

8. Finance of joint-stock companies

9. State financial control

10. Financial security

11. Finances of budgetary organizations

12. Financial management

13. Activities of international organizations and the financial market

14. Corporate finance

Centers, offices, laboratories:

A laboratory of finance and insurance was created at the Department of Finance and Insurance, which was created to train specialists for teaching practice on a grant with the support of the National Bank of Tajikistan.

Doctorate and postgraduate studies:

The department is aimed at training applicants and doctoral students on specialty 08.00.10 – Finance , monetary _ appeal and Doctor PhD in specialty 6D050900-Finance.

The international cooperation:

On the basis of the Department of Finance and Insurance, a cooperation agreement was signed with the St. Petersburg State Economic University of the Russian Federation and the International Banking Institute of St. Petersburg of the Russian Federation.