History of the Department of “Banking”

Taking into account the improvement of the educational and methodological process, the training of qualified personnel in the field of banking on the basis of the Department of Finance and Credit of the Faculty of Finance and Economics, it was formed by order of the rector of the Tajik State National University No. 150-09 dated June 24, 1999 during the period of state independence of the Republic of Tajikistan and operates over 20 years.

The main goal of the department is the centralization of the educational process in the field of banking, taking into account educational and methodological indicators and practical requirements of the financial market, bringing students closer to organizational and managerial conditions and the requirements of working in credit institutions.

The Department of Banking trains specialists with higher education for credit and financial organizations in the specialty 1-25010402 – “Banking” at two levels of higher education on a full-time basis – bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, at the correspondence department – distance and second higher education.

Graduates of the specialty 1-25010402 – “Banking” can work in credit organizations, including: the National Bank of Tajikistan, the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Tajikistan, commercial banks, microfinance organizations, financial departments, departments of foreign exchange operations, in departments of operations with securities in state commercial banks and insurance companies and etc. The reason for pride is that today the employees in many credit institutions of the country are graduates of our department.

The first head of the department of banking in 1999 was appointed, Ph.D., associate professor Khisainov Sodik Davlatovich, who held this position until June 2002.

In the future, in different years, the activities of the department were headed by Doctor of Economics, Professor Obidov Fozil Saidovich (2002-2008), Doctor of Economics, Professor Ibrohimzoda I.R. (p.2008-2009), candidate of economic sciences, associate professor Boboev Sh.N. (p.2009-2015), Doctor of Economics, Professor Berdiev R.B. (2015-2019). Since March 2019, the department has been headed by Associate Professor Saifurov K.F.

Since the founding of the department, the scientific activity of the department has been carried out at the required level, and the teachers of the department have been working on the implementation of the given directions of their scientific research.

To date, the department conducts research work in the field of ensuring the stability of the national currency, ensuring the sustainable development of credit institutions and the implementation of tasks to overcome the financial crisis in banking institutions.

For all the time of the department’s activity, students were taught by: Professor Umarov Kh., associate professors: Khisainov SD, Davlatov Sh.O., Sharipov Kh., Ibrokhimzoda I., I. Subkhonzoda.

Currently, academician of NAST Kayumov N.K., doctor of economics, professors Obidov F.S., Khikmatov U.S., candidate of economics, associate professor Saifurov K.F., Ph.D. in Economics, Khudoynazarov D.A., Candidate of Economics, Gayurov G.Kh., Candidate of Economics, Fayzulloev M., Senior Lecturer Imomnazarova T., Assistant Odinaev S.P., Khudoieva F .ABOUT. and part-time other experienced banking professionals.